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  1. CheerstoLilWayne

    1:04 pm

    You people are sick. First of all, no one thinks what happened is funny. second, if that “small group” was part of a large group that was starting to take Canada over, then yeah, they should go to canada. It takes a really disgusting person to make the families that were affected on 9/11 feel worse. This is the worst picture on the website.

  2. dubaicitizen

    10:03 am

    wow, that is so inappropriate

  3. ...

    2:00 am

    Look at it objectively, it’s not an entirely unbelievable scenario…

  4. charles

    7:41 pm

    Oh my god! It’s so horrible because it’s what we did in the middle east. How dare you question what we did!!!

  5. Anonymous

    5:59 pm

    Stop being ignorant, of course we question what we did, because it was dumb! This picture makes sense and its the “worst thing on the website” it actually makes people open their eyes about what this country really does. I’m sorry people died in our country but that doesn’t make it okay to kill everyone else. We killed thousands of people who didn’t do anything. I mean so did they but an eye for an eye just makes everyone blind. So, charles, and dubaicitizen, and cheerstolilwayne, its not so ridiculous this could actually happen because we did the exact same thing and we’d deserve it. Thank you, “…”.

  6. stopbeingignorant

    6:02 pm

    not** the “worst thing on the internet” I apologize.

  7. brett

    7:58 pm

    “How dare you question what we did.”
    This has got to be the dumbest thing ever put onto anything. Ever.
    If no one questioned s**t nothing anywhere would exist as you see it now.

    The religion you agree with. Not there. The U.S. itself wouldn’t have been found the way it was, to form events leading up to you typing out that ignorant sentence.

    A brain capable of saying that sentence deserves no life.
    On the other hand, steel burns at 2200 degrees F, jet fuel ~1700F. Logic. Question science? How are the buildings, made of steel going to fall like that if the temperature was never hit?

    • Jdub123

      3:16 pm

      Could it be because a multiple-ton passenger plane went through the support beams, which all four were in the center, which fatigued? The reason they fall on top of each other was the designer of the structure itself. He built the towers to support almost anything, but he knew if they were to fall, he made it fall on itself to reduce total damage.

  8. Skurkanas

    3:38 pm

    “This has got to be the dumbest thing ever put onto anything. Ever.”
    “A brain capable of saying that sentence deserves no life.”

    Says the person incapable of grasping basic irony…
    Can’t decide if that’s hilarious, or sad.

  9. Ichneumon

    7:05 pm

    The attempt at an analogy in the cartoon is either due to stupidity or intentional dishonesty, I can’t decide which, but either way it’s reprehensible. If you can’t discuss serious events without lying about it to the point of distorting it out of any kind of accuracy, don’t subject us to your distortions.