• Unimpressed Everyone
  • New lesson learned…
  • Well, that didn’t go as planned…
  • The truth about shorts…
  • It doesn’t even make sense…
  • I’m not single
  • Adjusting the TV volume…
  • Cat stacking
  • Just noticed this in The Simpsons intro…
  • That’s suspicious
  • Professor Utonium
  • The first thing it comes to your mind

28 September, 2011 in Funny | 3 Comments


  1. :D s

    1:11 am

    Guns dont kill people, people kill people with guns… get it right.

  2. tim

    2:35 am

    Missing an ‘s’ on the middle toast I think.

  3. Bonez

    3:58 pm

    Very very very bad logic. Just dumb.