• She is loving it…
  • Simple rules of life…
  • Being awake in a house full of sleeping people…
  • What happens to robots in Mars…
  • Dream stairs
  • Can I get a nom?
  • A guy’s pee stream
  • The magnificent Bearded Vulture
  • That’s why I don’t eat lobster
  • Your views on immorality
  • OK I’m ready, let’s go…
  • Have you seen this bird?
  1. EnochPowell2

    11:00 pm

    Can I just say, Galaxys, Twixes and Bountys are all made by Mars, so they’d have to merge as well. You could say a merger between Nestle and Mars with the ‘C’ for ‘C unty’ provided by a Nestle ‘Crunch’ rather than a cadbury crunchie.

  2. Line

    11:07 pm

    Wrong, crunchy nut is a cereal, not a chocolate bar.


    • spiderman

      7:32 pm

      I’m not denying that, but the crunchie bar is chocolate.
      And is cadbury.

  3. Fynn

    7:37 pm