• Oh yeah that’s the stuff
  • Strike!
  • Force field activated…
  • Please stand up if you’re dumb
  • I was looking at the Pepsi logo…
  • ‘Street Name’ means something different in Cleveland
  • Choose your wish wisely
  • The History of Man
  • When I go outside after being on the web for hours…
  • The less you care…
  • I’ma nom your head…
  • Oh Donald…
  1. PEte

    3:38 pm

    I don’t get it. It’s not new. Is it new in Iceland? And if so, what is special about it being new in Iceland?

  2. Annoyed.

    10:39 am

    We call it “Cool Ranch” here. Cool American just sounds……off.

  3. Jeebus

    4:30 am

    This was new some 10 years ago here in Iceland. What the curtis are you talking about?