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  1. sam

    1:02 am

    you stole this from House of Leaves

  2. Anonymous

    6:23 pm

    cry about it.

  3. James

    6:53 pm

    Does it matter? That’s hilarrrrriouss

  4. Mike

    4:26 am

    What kinda job do you think she`s got?

  5. Funny but unoriginal.

    9:13 am

    Yes, it is hilarious and yes it does matter that it’s plagiarized. If your going to steal a joke don’t go out of your way to make it overly long. Adding your own “personal” BS to a joke online is pointless because we don’t eve FN know you so it’s pointless. Keep it short and to the point without adding making it your uncle tom and adding an irrelevant mall or OOOH he was 66. This crap may add credence in person or to your friend but means absolutely ZERO to the internet.

    • Tyler Durden

      3:58 am

      so does your complaint of the telling of the joke …means absolutely zero to the internet

  6. yourmom

    3:37 pm

    there are always people there to ruin the fun, who cares?! ^^^^ Just laugh and get over it!

  7. Holly

    3:44 am

    Actually I enjoy the added story and i laughed… Most people did, aside from you who over analyze and suck the fun out…

  8. atomed

    7:47 pm

    I´m trying to give a f**k about this joke being original or not.

  9. Shaun

    7:24 pm

    I hate some of you

  10. Gina

    2:20 am

    Who cares if it was added too…I thought it was funny…

  11. ima

    4:08 am

    I’d do her.

  12. Anon

    12:36 am

    House of leaves is a horrible book. It promotes mental disorders with it’s confusing bulls**t like plot line so stfu. It’s better that this joke was adapted for the norm.

  13. BillyBob

    3:22 pm

    Oh just laugh about the damn joke and go tickle a baby!

  14. retarded party pooper

    5:56 am

    SERIOUSLY WHAT THE F**K! just laugh at it…. who cares if he ‘stole’ it or not… he’s just telling the joke…

  15. JustLikeAmmy

    4:05 pm

    House of Leaves is such a better story than this tacked on garbage, it IS an insult….pretty much to rationality all together. This is like sucking the fun out of a funny moment but sending in your tape to Americas Funniest Home Videos.

    The internet is for minimizing retarded. Not justifying it.

  16. JustLikeAmmy

    4:09 pm

    I can’t stop commenting just because all these comments are so retarded. It’s not a big deal he stole it? Really? Who is J.K. Rowling? Pretty sure I wrote Harry Potter–ME.

  17. kmatas1966

    2:46 am

    If anyone were making money on the joke it would matter! If its not making any money stop complaining and grow up its all just for us to get a laugh.

  18. Maggie

    9:47 pm

    Liar, liar, pants on fire.


    7:01 pm

    Wow that was a great one I don’t believe I have had the pleasure of laughing about or ever hearing and seeing till now! I love it.