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  1. Earl Fuller

    6:24 pm

    Wow…mind blowing. No wonder family tree research is so confusing and time consuming.

  2. ???

    5:08 am

    Wow, this doesn’t work because I’m not even a little bit black or asian…

    • TigeressKitten

      9:08 am

      You might not be directly but considering how our ancient ancestors would wonder around following the hunt you could have some genetic trace to someone of that decent. Much like how they have found what appears to be European remains in Asia from long before our assumed time line for them having contact with Asia. Or times when races mixed because of conquest… How many Romans knocked up a “barbarian” or “slave” ? Just because your one thing mostly doesn’t mean you don’t have an ancestor that’s a completely different race/culture… just means it might be to far back for you to KNOW about.

  3. omega

    9:40 pm