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  1. Andrea

    6:56 pm


  2. Matt

    12:32 am

    People get cars for Christmas? I had to get a loan and buy it myself.

    Also ITT: Apple fanboys.

  3. kitty

    3:17 am

    Reminds me of WhiteWhine.com

  4. Guest

    3:50 am

    You know we have a bunch of a*****e, no good teenagers in the world when you see this!! These people don’t deserve s**t all next Christmas and can spend it in the f*****g snow bank. Giving there families some peace.

  5. Justin

    3:01 pm

    #OhSoDeprived I didn’t get my Lambo, either, but I ain’t Complaining!! /sarcasm

  6. Justin

    4:57 pm

    I think my soul just died a little…

  7. The Bawse

    1:04 am

    Someone get Casey Anthony…..ok, ok, I only meant it SLIGHTLY.