• Free therapy…
  • Maggie telling it like it is…
  • Time to change…
  • Kanye is not amused…
  • Daddy, I can’t sleep…
  • My cat is special
  • Invisible wall
  • Amazing street artwork
  • Bill Hicks, legend
  • Baby stingrays can be really cute
  • Just a fish I caught in the river
  • Whatcha doin?
  1. DVDA

    12:25 am

    What is going on here? Is he running into something or awkwardly changing his mind?

  2. Elizabeth

    5:17 am

    The wall is painted like a store and he walks into the wall… I think…

  3. molly

    3:31 pm

    Haha, I didn’t get this for ages! Haha.