• I’m just as Squidward…
  • Man with non-existent beard. It’s just an illusion.
  • Biggest mistake of my life…
  • Welcome to America…
  • It happens for a reason…
  • Stop running…
  • Indian Yo-Mama Joke…
  • Never give up on your dreams!
  • Serious business
  • A true gem of nature
  • Matching smiles
  • You ruined all the fun Windows 7!

28 April, 2012 in Life | 4 Comments


  1. Eat My Huevos

    6:03 am

    Grrrr. This picture really pissed me off.
    It’s a deliberate rip off of Megadeth’s Prince of Darkness song.

  2. Everyone Is Stupid

    5:33 pm

    … I hope your joking. That’s the point. Idiot.

  3. Really?!

    6:22 pm

    Its not alcohol’s fault if you can’t handle your liquor, its your own.

  4. Aino

    2:43 pm

    Or your best friend….the choice is yours.