• It was difficult…
  • Super Hello Kitty…
  • What Pitbull taught me…
  • Instant speakers…
  • Who’s responsible for this?
  • Education cycle
  • Dear college professors…
  • How do I get back at my sister?
  • We call it a “fence”
  • Pretty accurate
  • Modern teenagers
  • I am a big fan of Sarah Palin
  1. HondaYip

    5:33 pm

    What’s going on with that puppy?

    • Anon

      2:35 pm

      That’s my thought. Wonder if there’s something wrong with her neurologically.

  2. Yasmin Robinson

    3:51 pm

    Anon: Thanks for taking an adorable gif and turning it into a potential puppy tragedy. I bet your super fun at parties. :(