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  1. DFTBA

    4:38 am

    I have a slinky, windex, and a vampire. (From Dark Shadows, the original show). I don’t know… The vampire might help.

  2. Zac

    4:47 am

    Cell Phone, Water Bottle, Jimmy Chance (from Raising Hope)…

    I’d say I’m f**ked.

  3. LeFail

    4:57 am

    Game of Thrones beezy. Officially not f**ked.

  4. Totally F**ked

    5:11 am

    Primary weapon: pillow.
    Secondary weapon: water bottle.
    Surviving friend: Ted Mosby.
    Don’t think that’ll go over too well.

  5. pognet

    5:42 am

    Left: Pocket Knife (f**k yeah).
    Right: Keyboard.
    Person: Nick Burkhardt from “Grimm”
    Conclusion: F**ked, but with a detective who has plenty of weapons and weapons experience, so alright.

  6. Tobias

    6:37 am

    Left: hotel room keycard (i Might use it for throwing it)
    Right: inalambric posnet! (take that! i do not accept mastercard!)
    Surviving Friend: Gandalf (Last “show” i watch was LOTR II..) so… YEAH!

  7. 80% Chance of Survival

    6:57 am

    Hey I’m doing pretty good, I got a Beretta 9mm on my left, a Bible on my right and Any main character from Battlestar Galactica.. Athena? She’s a good shot.

  8. Surviving, easily.

    7:30 am

    I have a plate or an ash tray, a remote (so some batteries), and the last thing I watched was taken.

    Yeah I’m fine.

  9. Maybe Pretty Okay

    7:35 am

    Let’s see… a cell phone, an “Almost Maine” script, and I’ll be accompanied by The Doctor. I think we can make it!

  10. pokeman7452

    7:57 am

    Got an android phone as my primary (Droid X so it has FM radio and nice flashlight :D ) and a Leatherman as my secondary (Heck yeah!). But none of that matters, cause I have Avatar Korra covering me.

    • Someoneateyourcookies

      12:35 pm

      Hahahahaha Me too! (on the Korra thing xD). With the weapons I’m pretty much screwed… A blanket and a pillow…

  11. himee

    7:59 am

    A tissue, my phone, and any character from a hospital drama.
    I guess I could do with a paramedic, but wtf? A tissue?

    And errrr that tissue was for nose purposes. Not other things.

  12. -Z-

    9:09 am

    I have a pillow to my left, a rope to my right, and Iron man is my surviving friend, officially not f***ed?

    • metazahaz

      1:40 pm

      Me too! Who cares if a bowl and a trash can are my weapons; Tony F*^&ing Stark will save the day.

  13. some guy

    9:10 am

    Coke bottle, mobile and I Watched avatar the last air bender hahahhahah.

  14. Ben

    10:41 am

    Weapons: Plastic Bottle and Pillow.
    Surviving Friend: Stephen Colbert.
    We will die laughing!

  15. Alice

    11:09 am

    Rick Grimes, The Walking Dead.

  16. name

    11:11 am

    Left: Guitar.
    Right: Mobile phone.
    Surviving Friend: JD from Scrubs.

    Yep I’m f**ked.

  17. Anne

    11:26 am

    I’d be f**ked for the first 2 but my surviving friend is Dean and Sam from Supernatural. Win.

  18. Ylano

    11:36 am

    Primary: a laptop.
    Secondary: a fork.
    Friend: Ichigo Kurosaki (Bleach.)

    Nothing to worry about.

  19. MGJ

    12:22 pm

    Pillow, a mug, and Leslie Knope from parks and recreation. I think i’ll take Ron Swanson instead. I’ll be grand!!

  20. Dave

    12:25 pm

    left: spanish text book
    right: plastic bag
    Friend: David Bornaz from angel
    yeah…… I’M DONE.

  21. Logan

    12:26 pm

    Primary: my grandfather’s knife, with re-affixed handle and new sheath courtesy of my father
    Secondary: rugged laptop (he’s seen some action)
    Friend: Finn from Adventure Time.

    Status: I am fine.

  22. Alex R

    12:27 pm

    I got night vision goggles, throwing knives, and my surviving friend is either Sam or Dean Winchester from Supernatural.

    Don’t worry guys, I got this.

  23. Pobum

    12:45 pm

    P: Desktop pencil sharpener (you know, the ones with a handle – and not even a tiny blade!)
    S: A bowlful of AAA batteries, a single AA battery and a 9V battery – all rechargeable – as if that helps any)
    F: Mary Beard, the Cambridge Ancient History don)


  24. jomo

    1:11 pm

    Well computer mouse, slice of pizza and Sam B (Dead island) (i dont watch tv often) I might be ok.

  25. Kitten

    1:19 pm

    primary= tv remote
    secondary= a blanket
    friend= fry (futurama)

    I… I think I’m going to die very very quickly. (Fry will survive by being an idiot)

  26. Dave

    1:31 pm

    A Mug of Tea, A DVD Remote and Spiderman.

  27. :D s

    2:10 pm

    Primary: 9mm pistol (i was cleaning it out when i read this) secondary: a AA battery Friend: Stephen Colbert I think I’ll do just fine.

  28. pblsky

    2:13 pm

    ok, i have a mini-guitar, a wall and homer simpson it’s the only survivor…
    I’m f**ked.

  29. Sudnifisent

    2:32 pm

    Primary weapon: pillow
    Secondary weapon: school bag
    Friend: Fin from Adventure Time

    Does this count as completely f**ked or not? XD

  30. omega

    4:13 pm

    Primary : head phones
    Secondary : a bowl of cereal
    Last show i watched : ConAir with Nicolas Cage……i think i’m f**ked :)

  31. Hinojosa

    5:14 pm

    Doesn’t matter what items are near me, I got Horatio Cain! YEEAAAHHHH!

  32. Emily

    6:51 pm

    Ha ha, how amusing that the last show I watched was the episode of Castle…. with zombies! I’d still die, but at least I’d probably have fun doing it.

  33. Gabe

    8:18 pm

    primary: chopsticks
    secondary: a hard drive
    friend: Naruto Uzumaki

    i think it’s safe to say i’m good, i got a legendary ninja.

  34. Nathan

    9:07 pm

    Primary: Stapler
    Secondary: Letter opener
    Friend: Either Castle or Beckett from Castle (and the latest episode was about zombies!)

  35. YES!!!

    9:36 pm

    Primary: Some Anti-Biotic Wipes
    Secondary: Some really good soup
    Friend: Spongebob Squarepants

    If doomed, it shall be fun.

  36. Danny

    9:50 pm

    I think I’ll live…
    Left: A Farmers Insurance Pen
    Right: A tall Lamp
    Surviving Friend: Bear Gryllis, Man Vs. Wild