• A guide to onomonopoetic footware…
  • Please Internet…
  • Endless Experience…
  • Howling At The Moon…
  • Location of my cat
  • What my school cares about
  • On his very first day of work, he was given just one task…
  • A subtle, genius idea
  • The way relationships work
  • Did it hurt?
  • Don’t mess with this cat
  • Daylight Savings Time
  1. ANYA

    3:51 pm

    Haha.. I knew it, but it`s still the best.

  2. mbn

    4:03 pm

    AW YEAH!

  3. omega

    5:05 pm

    The girl deserved it. The guy is in Afghanistan, come on. :S

  4. yannush

    1:23 pm

    it was in MASH.