• Well, I guess I’ll never wipe again…
  • Peace out…
  • It’s good luck…
  • Meeting a friend in a bar at 3am…
  • Getting owned by mom…
  • Steve Irwin in Heaven
  • The only mouse I need
  • She deserved it more than anyone
  • I don’t like you
  • Video game characters then and now
  • I Love You?
  • Yes, neighbor?
  1. ANYA

    3:51 pm

    Haha.. I knew it, but it`s still the best.

  2. mbn

    4:03 pm

    AW YEAH!

  3. omega

    5:05 pm

    The girl deserved it. The guy is in Afghanistan, come on. :S

  4. yannush

    1:23 pm

    it was in MASH.