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  1. Think Again..

    10:42 am

    It’s very costly to keep a person in jail. In Ohio alone, the bill is $36,000 a year. That homeless guy will get shelter, food AND detox in prison. The judge did him a huge favor.

  2. Stink again..

    7:40 pm

    It cost nothing to keep a homeless man on the street. Prison are a gigantic business. A new kind of legal slavery. So if it cost $36,000 a year, that’s $750 a week, or $18.75 per hour, how many homeless get payed 18 buck an hour. Do you think when he leaves jail he going to leave with a pension and all the money he made while in jail? HELL NO! He leave with nothing, NOTHING. While some white cop get payed $60,000 per year and gets almost 60% pay on retirement. Jails are a Blight on sociality, white police arrest black men almost all the time. Its SLAVERY no matter how you wash it. pure slavery. Roy Brown was hungry, and homeless. While Madoff Sit in his 7million dollar appartment under house arrest, Where is your priority’s?