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  1. Trolin is a Arts

    7:07 pm

    People don’t enjoy thinking. They enjoy whining and boasting about random crap that doesn’t matter!

    • herpbot

      7:26 pm

      Your comment will not get more than 10 likes.

  2. vero

    7:15 pm

    Nothing but the truth.

  3. name

    7:47 pm

    Because Facebook is a place to post some stupid random s*** and not intelligent critical controversial opinions.

    • Admiral EO

      8:58 pm

      Like stuff from themetapicture.com! :)

  4. chingy

    8:59 pm

    Because who wants to use the power of the internet to send their real opinions out into the world? That sounds dangerous. A person could get unfriended for that.

  5. Mikel

    11:30 pm

    This is so true..!