• You know it’s cold outside…
  • There’s a thin line between freedom and slavery…
  • Don’t worry, they’re on it…
  • Every time I take a picture of the moon…
  • Superheroes as Manatees
  • Fail Whale
  • English language is confusing…
  • Chell and GLaDOS from Portal as kittens
  • Place finger on dot
  • What now?
  • I’m kind of a big deal
  • Censorship tells the wrong story

1 February, 2012 in Funny, Pictures | 1 Comment


  1. Annon

    12:35 am

    Women?! Into s ex?! WHO WOULD HAVE THOUGHT IT.
    Surprise! Many women are into s ex. In fact, all those women in a kayak are ALSO into s ex.
    Christ, what century are you from, Steven?