• Find the British guy…
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  • So that’s how it’s going to be…
  • Olympics Opening Ceremony = Lord of the Rings
  • Brands telling the truth
  • The legend
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  • Doompadee Doo
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  • Real Life Garfield?
  1. Daniel

    11:55 pm

    This was outed as a photoshop years ago.

  2. Dave, MM1/SS

    1:54 am

    The main portion of that – i.e., the three panels with all the dials, etc., – is the controls to the reactor and power plant of a US Navy nuclear submarine, S5W. Throttles, Reactor Plant Control Panel, Electric Plant Control Panel, from left to right.

  3. Xen

    10:23 pm

    Still waiting for my flying car. A Jet pack would do.