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  1. Jesse

    7:48 am

    Oh man, the number of times I’ve heard girls overestimate guys….

  2. Ann

    5:33 am

    If only, when she asked him what was wrong, he had said “motorcycle won’t start, can’t figure out why”.

  3. Caecilius

    6:14 pm

    Let me answer that with a quotation from the above text:
    “I asked him what was wrong; [sic] He said, ‘Nothing.’”

  4. Matt

    6:35 am

    This picture basically sums up my relationship.

  5. Kent

    7:23 pm

    Caecilius, Ann said “if only”.

  6. Kimiski

    8:34 am

    ^ Agree with both!

  7. bingo

    11:49 pm

    and women just want shiny things and food.

    how complex creatures we are. :)

  8. jshah

    2:17 pm

    He definitely would’ve just told her that his motorcycle won’t start and he can’t figure out why.