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  1. some guy

    4:49 am

    In order for this all to be true then that would mean all the adults are imaginations also, since they all clearly interact with the babies. And there are plenty of episodes where angelica isn’t even featured.

    • Amanda

      4:48 pm

      Just because Angelica’s not in it, doesn’t mean she didn’t create it. She imagined herself in the world. She saw orange walls, maybe they were purple outside her mind. She imagined herself in her world, but in real life she would imatate whatever the fake her would do. Her friend Suzy found joy in her imagination, became a phyiatrist after Angelica died at age 13, and sold her story no Nickalodian.

  2. Brain

    7:22 am

    Dear God.

  3. required

    8:52 am

    Rugrats suck so bad i don’t even know what this means.

  4. anonymous

    6:19 pm

    What about rugrats all grown up.

  5. leo

    5:41 am

    This ruined my childhood.