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30 October, 2011 in Funny | 3 Comments


  1. Taney

    3:14 am

    Also explain why our digestive system is more similar to a wolf than a cow.

  2. Sullindir

    12:11 pm

    A carnivore’s intestines are smooth and short to evacuate ingested meat before it begins to putrefy. Herbivores have extremely long intestines that are ribbed to slow the passing of ingested matter so that as many nutrients can be taken from the plant matter as possible. A human’s intestines are several times longer than a carnivore’s, but shorter than that of a grazing herbivore, while still retaining the herbivore’s ribbed innards, suggesting that our intended diets are similar to herbivores’ while not needing such an extended digestional duration to acquire the nutrients needed. This implies a fruit-based diet: more nutritional than grass while lacking the purification of meat. We can only eat meat now because we have nullified the rotting by learning how to cook.

  3. Sullindir

    12:14 pm

    Also, our sharper canines are ideal for cracking into nuts and cutting into fruity skins, not tearing into the flesh of other animals.