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13 October, 2011 in Funny | 6 Comments


  1. JSR

    12:48 am

    I’d prefer Gates spent most of his money on making Windows (current version and forevermore) torture its users less, and not crash/freeze/generally be a piece of s**t every fucking day even after extreme measures to tweak it into shape and block all viruses/worms/malware/spyware/etc…
    Switching to Mac was like getting a cup of ice water as I stepped out of hell. Jobs wasn’t a sort of god, but he certainly saved me and countless others. An angel, perhaps.

  2. Sam F

    1:23 am

    Gates, for all ‘his’ smarts, was only the founder of Apple – not all ideas that originated in that glorified cesspool were his own, just like Bill Gates doesn’t single-handedly stand responsible for providing us with, at-times, glitchy Windows OS’.

    And to JSR there:
    If you honestly prefer Gates spend his money on improving Windows to crash less and improve what is in essence a luxury problem for computer users, to helping the 3rd world, raising your hipster a** out of the gutter, and generally being a great philanthropist, you have your bloody priorities mixed up.
    Not to mention your infantile request to “block all viruses/worms/malware/etc” forevermore?
    No wonder you Mac-users have such a tarnished hipster-image and demographic; egoistic morons who’d rather spend double the price on half the content.
    Congratulations, your stupidity provides my entertainment.

  3. Lindsey

    8:06 pm

    ^ This.

  4. Alwin

    8:03 pm

    I almost stopped reading when you couldn’t even identify the co-founder of Apple. Yes, we would prefer Gates not torture millions of people with s**t, and people stop acting like it’s OK because he is a philanthropist.

  5. Cykotyk

    12:42 pm

    +1 to Sam

    JSR I’m sorry you don’t understand how to use protection for your own computers D; Its not that hard to avoid virus or to simply take care of them on your own. I’ve been managing my own computers just fine without failure for years. Let’s hope you do better with other people.

  6. Daed

    5:18 pm

    I see what angle JSR was coming from, but honestly: Jobs didn’t invent the Unix system that OSX is based on. He only tore it apart, made it less secure and put a pretty skin on it.

    Windows continues to be a buggy, vulnerable system. A secure, stable system is not a “luxury” nor a myth for that matter. I’m pretty fairly certain that people believe computers are inherently unstable just because they have seen Windows in action.