• Looks like this store is in trouble…
  • No smoking, drinking, skateboarding dogs please…
  • Some people need a history lesson…
  • Evil Dog
  • Go ahead…
  • If dogs were fonts
  • Pardon my French…
  • Ferocious baby polar bear
  • Huh?
  • Spanish class
  • Pizza Planet truck in Pixar movies
  • And crackers?
  1. Anon

    5:14 pm

    “Nice Guy syndrome”. Just because you’re friends doesn’t mean you’ll make a good couple, doesn’t mean you will or even could feel that way about them. And that’s unrelated to physical appearance. He’s not the right guy, and if he’s got some sort of crush on her and is waiting and waiting to grab her when she’s vulnerable, he’s not only not the right guy, he’s not a real friend.

  2. Right

    7:40 pm

    Also, if you call those girls dumb b*****, you’re definitely not the right guy for them. xD