• Suave Hedgehog…
  • Blink if you want me…
  • We need to go deeper…
  • Name 4 heavy metals and their symbols
  • Oh, so you don’t like something about me?
  • I will do anything
  • Every time I go to the airport…
  • That’s suspicious
  • Fall mixed with Halloween
  • Halloween costume idea: No one in your neighborhood will ever sleep again
  • If record execs got their hands on the Beatles today…
  • Mam, can I borrow your fire?

17 October, 2011 in Funny | 2 Comments


  1. pognet

    2:39 am

    Teacher then responds, “When you have several hundred teachers I’ll take that excuse.”

  2. Ann

    11:38 am

    I can tell that homework you decided not to do was on proper use of the apostrophe.