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  1. mep

    5:59 pm

    This is not true… baby Harry Potter in the first movie is played by the Saunders triplets. In Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 (where the top image was taken from), baby Harry is played by Toby Papworth. Albus Severus was played by Aurther Bowen… check your facts, people… imdb.com, not that hard.

  2. izzzz

    6:00 pm

    This isn’t true… haha just imdb’d it. They were not played by the same person. Sorry guys.

  3. obsessed

    6:20 pm

    Not true.

  4. anon

    6:45 pm

    No. Arthur Bowen played Albus Severus, and the Saunders triplets played baby Harry. Definitely NOT THE SAME.

  5. Wobyn

    10:25 pm