• Wasn’t disappointed…
  • When I’m drunk and want to get my girlfriend in the mood…
  • Tasty mellanine…
  • OMG a duck with a Mohawk!
  • Nicolas Cage can be anyone
  • Black Licorice
  • Gurl, let me see…
  • Titanic’s sinking
  • Oh, mother…
  • When I dress formally…
  • Pretty or ugly
  • Now hold on just one minute, sir!

26 January, 2011 in Comics | 3 Comments


  1. lol

    10:38 pm

    Sad but true

  2. Big Matt

    6:16 am

    Why is it sad?

  3. anon

    12:34 am

    Music used to mean something, now it’s all about telling others via facebook that you were this close to whichever band at whatever concert.