• Meanwhile, in Canadian physics class
  • Men never grow up…
  • Like or ignore…
  • And just keep swimming…
  • Pencil printer
  • The best game to play when you hate your friends…
  • How many fingers do you see?
  • Frozen spiderweb
  • He suspects nothing…
  • Aw, maaaan. Turn out the lights.
  • Off you go, mouse!
  • This was Ricky Gervais
  1. erik

    7:13 pm

    This would seem like men win here. But being “sexy” is powerful, dressing up like a ninja is actually not.

    • Christine

      11:46 am

      No, men definitely win here. It’s more powerful to not be seen as a sex object.

  2. Daniel B

    4:56 pm

    It’s not a question of power it’s a question of options. Women – even girls – are told their only option is to be valued for how much skin they display.

  3. omega

    11:33 pm

    God, just enjoy the damn picture.