• So I went to church today…
  • When I wake up in the middle of the night…
  • Straight to hell for laughing at this
  • A very special razor…
  • How we spend our money
  • Minecraft HD
  • Hai Mr. Tugboat!
  • When I started using the Internet and found out I was the 999,999th visitor…
  • Can I bring this to court?
  • OK then, let’s dance
  • A stunning shot of a water drop
  • Buy one, get two free.

17 April, 2012 in Pictures | 2 Comments


  1. sdsdxgd

    9:54 pm

    No, this is not how things work. F**k you and the fact that you’re impeding equality.

  2. 2012

    12:40 am

    Aiding and imbedding.