• Don’t you think it’s ironic?
  • Awesome Spray Can Graffiti…
  • Now this movie I would pay to see…
  • Batman enemies’ motives…
  • This explains my girlfriend and cat at the same time…
  • Awkward Encounter
  • Katniss’ squirrels
  • History of the world according to the History Channel
  • Parents’ reactions
  • This explains pretty much everything
  • We are living in the future
  • Hipster Jake Gyllenhaal

17 April, 2012 in Pictures | 2 Comments


  1. sdsdxgd

    9:54 pm

    No, this is not how things work. F**k you and the fact that you’re impeding equality.

  2. 2012

    12:40 am

    Aiding and imbedding.