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5 March, 2012 in Funny, Pictures | 13 Comments


  1. Anon

    3:35 am

    WTF makes the top girl a “s lut” exactly? She’s pretty?
    Pretty girls can’t be gamers now? Wtf?

    • growlithe

      2:00 pm

      You missed the point entirely. It’s the traditional “Let me put on a f**k ton of makeup, pose sexy with a controller, and act like I’m a gamer” pose.
      Real gamers don’t have time for makeup or poses.

      It’s a joke. Relax.

    • Anon

      2:25 pm

      Probably because she’s sucking on the controller?

    • Vix

      2:36 pm

      I dunno, since when did normal girl gamers sit there all made up sucking on their game controllers….. as opposed to… yanno… playing games.

    • salem

      4:41 pm

      You miss the point! The top girl just makes sluty photos with the controller for attention. She knows nothing about games… when you are a gamer you don’t make such photos with the controller! Wtf… she is just a slutty attention ho.

  2. Anon

    3:56 am

    Agreed, the use of that world is ridculous in this post, is she taking money to sleep with men?

  3. The thing in her mouth

    4:12 am

    It was probably more about the oral fixation than her looks.

  4. monk

    2:00 pm

    No, pretty has nothing to do with it. Real gamer girls don’t go around licking the controllers in a suggestive manner *cough* Olivia Munn.

  5. Zombie_989

    2:21 pm

    Wait, what? Who says the bottom girl isn’t pretty???

    I think she’s hot.

  6. Meh

    2:29 pm

    Actually she’s sucking the controller… if you know what I mean.

  7. chingy

    3:08 pm

    The point is, she’s clearly only handling a controller to appear a “gamer girl”, using it as a sexy prop to draw in all the gamer guys. It’s marketing, ergo, s lutty.

  8. wtf

    3:46 pm

    I think the person that did this image is implying that she is a ugly gametime and is jealous.

  9. Kest

    4:21 pm

    She’s sucking on a controller in makeup and a nightie. It’s referring to attention whores like on youtube. Do they have to f***ing spell it out for you?