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25 June, 2012 in Art | 21 Comments


  1. AMP75

    3:41 am

    This might be a stupid question, but what kind of ink is used for this?

    • Phoebe

      1:23 am

      Probably water-based block printing ink. Craft paints will be too thin and will fall into the grooves.

    • Ms. MS

      5:11 pm

      You use printmaking ink which is really thick and you make it tacky by going over it with a roller (as shown above) multiple times.

  2. Mary

    4:20 am

    It looks like some kind of paint I think.

  3. ica

    5:59 am

    I like how there’s still food in the box. =)

  4. Diana

    5:16 pm

    It could just be craft paint.

  5. Alina

    1:09 am

    You’ll want to use block-printing ink (use water-based with kids!). Speedball is my favorite but D*ck Blick brand works nicely too (it just seems to be stickier, can be harder to lay a smooth coat down).

  6. Anonymous

    5:50 am

    @AMP75: I would use acrylic paint or fingerpaint because they are thick.

  7. Emily

    6:15 am

    Why is that a dumb question? : ) I’m not the blog owner, so I don’t know what they used- but since they haven’t responded to say yet, I’d guess it’s a paint. Maybe acrylic? Whatever it is, it looks to be rolled out quite thinly on that roller. Just enough to fill the open spaces, but not so much that it leaches into the engraving and ruins the lines.

  8. Angela

    9:34 pm

    General rule is speedball ink. You can also get a fabric ink too.

  9. dida

    3:40 pm

    Thank you for sharing.

  10. ten

    5:26 pm

    I don’t know what the author used, but my child did something similar in preschool and they just colored the foam with their markers – some did solid colors and some did rainbows.

  11. Steve

    8:09 pm


  12. Barb

    4:55 am

    You can use acrylic paints.

  13. Joy

    9:53 pm

    Speedball printmaking Inks really do work the best, and are available in a water soluble variety for only about $3- a tube. Have tried this with the markers, acrylic & crayola washable paint, and it really doesn’t work as pictured above unless you use the printmaking ink.

  14. Darmonroe

    11:15 am

    Acrylic paint and a few drops of dish detergent sticks to plastic and glass so it might be worth a try.

  15. Danny

    7:52 am

    I love printmaking, at the art department it’s all filled up however. Really enjoy how you posted your process.

  16. Sue b.

    1:10 am

    Neat idea. I need to try this soon in my classroom!

  17. Joy Smith

    1:03 am

    You’d think with 23,000+ people that you’d say something back to all of them! Hehe…I would go with the inexpensive options and work my way up if they didn’t work. Worst thing is you’d have to wash the acrylic paint off if it didn’t work.

  18. Richard Morley

    7:29 pm

    Great use of old kebab and burger boxes!
    Already happy thoughts are thinking!

  19. qkita

    6:26 am

    How do you print it into the paper?