• It won’t hurt…
  • It’s time to leave…
  • Unbelievable Story
  • Dear girls…
  • So apparently these exist…
  • Jesus on Gay Marriage
  • Outdoor bubble room
  • Easter snake
  • Beavis & Butthead in real life
  • Early terrorist detection
  • This is beyond pole dancing
  • Mr Fantastic in real life

29 August, 2011 in Funny | 1 Comment


  1. Rob

    12:32 am

    While logical enough based on the spans of time given, those facts are also based on absolutely nothing. Source: People don’t actually swallow spiders in their sleep (which is probably what the ’5 insects’ figure is based on), and if you swallowed a liter of water in a public pool you’d know it (you would be very sick from the chlorine), which is how much you’d need minimum to find that much urine content.