• You alright, man…
  • Woop, Woop! That’s the sound of tha police!
  • Texts from an overly attached girl…
  • Speed limit signs…
  • That’s below the belt…
  • Well, this is awkward…
  • Mind = blown: penguins have knees
  • War has never solved anything
  • Something I always wondered…
  • Blood painting
  • This is pure joy
  • Album Cover Mashups
  1. Lisa

    3:17 pm

    I’m not sure these are frozen tsunamis. I think they are some sort of natural phenomena.

  2. tang

    7:15 am

    Whatever that is, it sure as shit isn’t a tsunami that just decided to freeze in it’s entirety right at the exact moment it crashed.

  3. kokish

    1:08 am

    Shut up guys and enjoy the nature. It’s good, not a tsunami but-COOL.