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  1. Ender

    11:06 pm

    Phoebe has been forgotten, and I liked she the most.

  2. Fresh

    3:17 am

    Oh except you forgot the part where one show stayed great forever.. and the other show is completely retarded, full of pointless characters and stupid storylines and everyone is hoping it gets cancelled asap.

    • Jar

      8:24 pm

      Such could be said for both, depending on who says it.

  3. ajmy11

    4:53 pm

    It’s the same for The Big Bang Theory!

  4. Samantha

    9:41 pm

    Noticed it not too long after I started watching HIMYM…anyone else thinking a HIMYM writer really liked friends?

  5. cam

    4:00 pm

    Don’t knock the show. Just enjoy the entertainment!

  6. Beth

    2:37 pm

    Dude the writers from How I Met Your Mother also wrote for Friends.