• Awkward silence detected
  • The Shrine of the Silver Monkey
  • Best pals
  • Tiny baby turtle
  • Owner of the most famous hill in the world
  • Charging Bear…
  • Zombie hand spoon
  • Screw doors
  • Busted
  • Dairy farm treatment
  • Just got my hair done
  • A person inside a costume of a person inside a costume
  1. Commentor

    2:28 pm

    aw yeah

  2. anon

    5:54 am

    NO. that suddenly having money won’t make someone who considers you close friend (close enough to be in the friend zone) magically fall in love with you

    • anon

      6:47 pm

      If that’s not the case, then you obviously need more money.

  3. mike

    4:19 am

    Looks like an SHO