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  1. Ichneumon

    6:05 pm

    Wow, what crap.

    This says a hell of a lot more about the people who knee-jerk against Fox News than it says about Fox News.

    This childish characterization is more dumbed-down simplistic and idiotically black-and-white than anything on Fox News.

    Irony is so ironic.

    Get over your hate and namecalling and try to act like adults for a change, liberals.

  2. Rick Dodson

    8:25 pm

    This is true and the rich not paying hardly any taxes at all ..71 perent pay nothing and put the burden on poor man’s back.

  3. charles

    11:22 pm

    MSNBC: 10% real news and 90% anti-republican propaganda.

  4. Tom O'Brien

    3:17 am

    The wisdom of age!