• I may be doing this right…
  • That was quick…
  • Scumbag Batman
  • Game of Thrones, Disney Version
  • How I feel sometimes…
  • What I think of when people put a “b” in front of their “hahaha”
  • Photos taken at the right moment
  • How to make brownies in 3 minutes
  • Slow Internet connection?
  • Better wear that seatbelt
  • Oops…. oh… HELP ME!
  • Help! My head fell off!

10 February, 2012 in Funny, Pictures | 3 Comments


  1. Anonymous

    4:25 pm

    Ok, how many people have dirty thoughts right now?

  2. d(-_-)b

    7:16 pm

    Dirty? Not at all.. More like… “Hmmm…” rather than “OH YEAH”…

  3. Dude

    10:46 pm