• Having so much fun…
  • But mom…
  • Cherry Blossom Avenue
  • Rebellious Asian
  • Getting rid of bees and wasps…
  • Seriously dude, commas
  • The ‘Lion Whisperer’ Kevin Richardson plays with a White Lion
  • Armed horns
  • Walking Dead truck
  • Ugly thoughts & good thoughts
  • Lord of The Rings Revision
  • OMG Milk!
  1. Jane

    2:49 pm

    Well done girl, caught this horrible person in action.

  2. CourtC777

    11:30 pm

    But why would she be friends with him on FB?

    • truth

      11:01 pm

      Aren’t most of your FB friends actually your ENEMIES in real life?

      As they say, keep your friends close and your enemies even closer.