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4 November, 2012 in Funny, Optical Illusions | 19 Comments


  1. Picture

    5:40 pm

    The damn circle 5 is unintelligible.

  2. Anne Oakley

    9:49 pm

    It’s scary that I can’t tell what 5 is and I am gay.

  3. bobbbby

    11:56 pm

    Is anyone else getting the homosexual one?

  4. Grantsup

    1:21 am

    I call shenanigans. Circle 5 is hideous, what were they thinking?

  5. Kelly

    3:59 am

    I think that is the point, I reconise the test, most of them are used for testing color blindness (diffrent kinds), but five is just giberish.

  6. Hambo

    2:11 am

    Is anyone else bright enough to realise that coulour blindness is not an indicator or homosexuality, schizophrenia etc? Lame troll meme…

  7. Anonymous

    5:46 pm

    There’s no symbol in circle 5.

  8. Enchilada

    2:41 am

    Mother of god, it’s right.

  9. asdasdurur

    7:26 am

    WOO IM GAY! Well not IRL but here i am :D

  10. Dave

    10:14 am

    #5 is 88, for those in the process of making a life change.

  11. SHA

    10:38 am

    I see what you did there

  12. 123

    10:49 am

    My friend can’t see half of them, because he is colour blind. What these are intended to test for, not to trick people into thinking they are a latent homosexual ;)

  13. Annoyed

    11:18 am

    Or it just means that you’re color blind?

  14. Jekko

    12:04 pm

    hahah very funny

  15. antoine

    12:58 pm

    Unfair… I’m gay and tought it was real. lol

  16. Mar

    1:08 pm

    Me, and I am homosexual, creepy.

  17. It's a dumb joke

    1:26 pm

    That’s the point lol.

  18. An Ex-Adventurer

    1:36 pm

    5 is a pacman ghost!…. right? <.<

  19. An Ex-Adventurer

    1:37 pm

    i am pretty sure it’s a troll to call everybody a homosexual (nothing wrong with that.)