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  1. Anonymouse

    12:13 pm

    Why are the pics on the right slightly zoomed in on? Me thinks they might be using tricks to get us to believe their lies.

  2. Anonymous

    10:40 pm

    Blue eyes are frickin’ creepy :/

  3. Adam

    9:40 am

    Both pictures are exactly the same save the eye color. I checked, no zooming or anything. Weird.

  4. Ann Onimous

    12:45 am

    if you try this with an unfamiliar face, it doesn’t have the same effect. the reason it looks wrong is because we’re used to these celebrities having blue eyes. when we see them with the “wrong” eyecolor, our brain perceives that as unattractive.

    • LameSauce

      4:38 pm

      Does it make me perceive their noses are bigger and their chins are less defined? Cause I think some photoshop foolery went on here.

  5. Kajio

    1:33 am

    Wait these are celebrities?

    Also, I don’t get the whole “perception of beauty” thing. What statement is this trying to make? Blue eyes are creepy when they are unnatural?

    • cat

      5:49 pm

      Yes, this is Zooey Deschanel and Megan Fox. They’re really famous. And the statement is that blue eyes make the women more attractive. Since when are blue eyes creepy?

  6. jon

    4:35 pm

    Actually, I think the girl on the bottom looks hot either way. But yeah, on the top, you definitely want her to have the blue eyes.

  7. Andross

    1:25 am

    there is obviously some color and brightness switching around… and zooming. they want to favor the blue eyed thing.. obvi

  8. anonymous

    9:12 pm

    There’s no shading difference; zooming; or underlying sentiment. It’s actually a fairly accurate representation of how contrasting hues are attractive to the human mind. We had a similar experiment in an upper level psych class I’ve had, using flower petals.

    Also worth noting, both of these actresses have naturally blue eyes.

  9. aeracura

    5:53 am

    Should have green eyes in there, and maybe an ember or lighter shade of brown as well. I believe the real reason we percieve the blue as more attractive is because of the contrast to the pupil. It’s very difficult to see the pupils of the brown eyed pictures and the lack of contrast makes the eyes look dead and lifeless. Naturaly people are going to be attracted to the more vivid colour, but I don’t think it necessarily has to be blue…

  10. Dude

    7:49 am

    I never really cared about megan fox, and zoey i always liked the contrast of the blue eyes and dark hair. Really I look at eyes a lot.

  11. judaya

    8:40 pm

    I think for this to be accurate you’d need to show someone who has naturally brown eyes and has had their color switched to blue as well (maybe megan fox has… honestly i don’t know her real eye color)

  12. DannyDivine

    12:16 am

    I’m supposed to favor the blue eyes? I thought the brown eyes were prettier.

  13. Chris

    5:23 pm

    kinda depends on the person really, I’ve seen some lovely brown-eyed women and vice versa – likewise with unattractive ones.

  14. Big Matt

    1:14 pm

    Could care less what color her eyes are. Zooey is too good lookin’

  15. Flawed

    2:36 am

    What’s the point? At best, you proved that THESE TWO WOMEN look better with blue eyes.

  16. omega

    8:41 pm

    There’s no proof that one is more beautiful then the other. It’s just about perception here.

  17. Aino

    9:46 pm

    Zooey looks prettier with blue eyes and Megan looks prettier with brown eyes.