• He’s everywhere…
  • The Stone Age in Switzerland…
  • Every time I play Tetris…
  • As I get older, this is how I feel everyday…
  • Flower Shaped Ice Cream
  • Don’t fall for this!
  • Sure, I’ll wear it…
  • Just an x-ray of someone drinking
  • What you did there, the roof sees it
  • iPhone 4 Upgrade Kit
  • The right way to do it
  • Hugh Hefner approves
  1. Joe

    1:54 pm

    They’re missing a sonic… As compared to all the other games, there was a tv show that featured the earlier idea of sonic… A N. Korean cartoon…

  2. nick

    2:43 am

    They also got the zelda wrong. They have the minish cap link before the ocarina of time link.

  3. anonone

    1:05 am

    Also Also, it’s not the evloution of Zelda it’s the evloution of Link.

  4. anonone

    1:06 am

    and Samus.

    • Jon

      9:21 pm

      It’s the game not the person that’s why it says Zelda and Metroid.