• I may be doing this right…
  • Hamster Gondolier…
  • Phil’s-osophy…
  • There’s treasure inside
  • A book I’m not familiar with
  • Stuff no one told me
  • You mean she was faking it?
  • Typical annoying Facebook girl
  • Happiness
  • Master was deployed to Iraq. He’s still waiting for him…
  • What is this?
  • Nope, no Iraqis but I do see a squirrel

2 December, 2011 in Funny | 2 Comments


  1. gottalovemath

    3:08 am

    That’s not right. You can’t factor out the x from the right half of the equation because it is not a multiple of all three terms on that side. Same goes for the left side.

  2. gottalovemath

    3:09 am

    Oh and x equals 1 in this case.