• Grains of Sand
  • Hey, wolf!
  • Beer brewing Bender
  • Dear Chuck…
  • Internet vs. Work
  • Religion, this needs an explanation
  • Most disturbing comic I’ve ever seen
  • Mothering commitment
  • Magic Trick
  • Worst screenshot of a Disney movie
  • Long time no see, pal!
  • It’s OK, I wasn’t planning on sleeping tonight anyway
  1. turtle

    1:04 am

    Wow that would scare the s**t out of me.

  2. peteypie

    4:18 pm

    Is someone gonna help that guy? xD

  3. Kyle

    4:59 pm

    How funny! This guy is drowning.
    I love it when someone dies.

  4. dick

    5:12 pm