• Dude…
  • Sorry, I’m Jewish
  • Cosmo Tip
  • Lost money
  • That was so smooth…
  • Tiny turtle is pleased
  • Pleased to meet you boy…
  • Sincerely, nice guys
  • Santa hat brownies
  • Dog comforts little girl
  • Bees vs. Wasps
  • Precipice
  1. Necro Mancer

    12:59 am

    A real man would have fear kitted that moose to death

  2. Mutsumi

    1:32 am

    These are standard skills that do not originate from WoW, so the link is a bit strained. :/

  3. beck

    2:29 am

    I learned those very same skills from Girl Scouts when I was 7. Argument for kids becoming game addicts… invalid