• You come and go…
  • I’m going to jump…
  • The Japanese way…
  • How songs are made these days…
  • That’s how we get the ball rolling…
  • How about now?
  • Gravity
  • Not once…
  • She has been found
  • Lamborghini Ankonian: The Batmobile
  • I still can’t find them
  • We’re coming at each other, bro

12 December, 2011 in People | 3 Comments


  1. mofogie

    4:01 am

    A great man, one of the greatest ever, who also believed in the man. So, being gnostic isn’t so stupid now, is it?

    • Baha

      11:40 pm

      Still is. Being good in physics does not prevent you from being influenced by the dominant culture, especially when you’re young and naive. Neurobiologists have shown how you can plant bad automatisms in your brain during early childhood that are almost impossible to get rid of afterwards.

  2. Lonnie Allen

    4:35 am

    Although he himself was Christian. Not sure if he celebrated Christmas or not though.