• He understands…
  • Every gym after the end of the year…
  • Hungry? There’s an app for that
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  • Scientifically Proven Fact
  • Real world Pokemon
  • Ice cream surprise
  • I guess you just have to ask…
  • Don’t discriminate
  • It’s just not the same…

7 August, 2011 in Funny | 5 Comments


  1. Marissa

    2:14 pm

    How do I make the video work?

  2. required

    9:09 am

    I think you’ve been trolled!

    Oh, did I get it right?

  3. Frank N. Bean

    11:53 am

    Just hit play. I think you have to do it an even number of times. And more than 12.

  4. Hanhanmo

    3:08 am


  5. Jeremy

    7:03 am

    Funny video. Liked and favorited.