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27 February, 2012 in Funny, Pictures | 5 Comments


  1. A concerned citizen

    10:37 pm

    “this two”? Jesus…. I doubt that whoever made this can even understand what happens in these two shows considering that they don’t even understand the difference between “this” and “these”

  2. jeffyy

    3:58 am

    Surprised they used the right two/too/to.

  3. A little effort, please.

    4:23 am

    Yes. Without wanting to pile on someone with English as a second language, while acknowledging I only speak a single one myself, but if you’re going to go to the trouble of making an image macro and uploading it to the internet, would it really be too much trouble to make sure your single sentence makes, well, sense?

  4. Herp

    4:10 pm

    Yeah, dude, seriously.

  5. Concern for A concerned citizen

    4:40 pm

    I am into grammar and spelling correctly as well, but even I make mistakes, it does happen. This doesn’t mean the person is dumb when they make a mistake, it only means they are human. Furthermore, perhaps you shouldn’t make fun of others when you are no better. First off, Jesus has nothing to do with your statement and to add further insult to injury you can’t even provide the proper ellipsis (not that I could find a reason for a dramatic pause after taking the Lord’s name in vain because someone made a grammatical error) after his name. Last I checked it looks like this: … not “…..”. You also forgot to end your statement with a period, leaving it incomplete. You must not be in possession of a brain large enough to differentiate between the shows either, don’t you think? Perhaps you should think things through before you insult people due to a grammatical error.