• Seymour waiting for Fry…
  • Santa just got real…
  • That’s not what you think…
  • Won’t somebody please think of the children…
  • You know you’re getting old…
  • Every time I look at myself in the mirror…
  • How do I flamingo?
  • Dear people who think Romeo and Juliet is a romantic story…
  • This is why the world is broken
  • The death of one is a tragedy, one million is a statistic
  • It’s a photoshop. And it’s made out of adobe.
  • Posting to Facebook…
  1. game

    12:47 pm

    I love Kristen.

  2. Jacob Lover

    10:49 pm

    This is hilarious! They certainly captured the true Kristen Stewart – one of the most lack luster actresses of our time!! Emma’s cute though.

  3. nobody

    10:20 pm


  4. KMN16

    5:47 pm

    So true! Throughout the entirety of the film Twilight she acted as if she was bored and hardly put any emotion or expression into her character, but when Emma plays Hermione in Harry Potter she totally puts her heart and soul into the role and you can see it as Harry Potter is definately the better film.

  5. JEN

    8:12 am



    10:55 pm