• That’s a misleading title…
  • Winking emoticon…
  • Don’t mess with weird kids
  • Let me in human…
  • Happens every year…
  • Frying Nemo
  • What would it make us?
  • Diamond skydiving
  • Thrones
  • Troll metabolism
  • A matter of perspective
  • Toronto at night
  1. Big Matt

    6:06 am

    :| Going to boil flies half to death and let them go, so they evolve the instinct not to come in human houses. If you kill all the flies in the house, they won’t learn on a mass scale! FLIES!

  2. andy

    7:16 am


  3. TLC

    9:15 pm

    That’s freakin nasty.

  4. various artists

    6:06 am

    Awww, so cute!!!