• That moment when you can’t feel your soul…
  • Zebras Playing Hide and Seek…
  • Excuse me, coming through…
  • It’s not worth it
  • I need a job and a boyfriend…
  • English, to Japanese, to English again
  • Awesome Wedding Cakes
  • Types of Facebook Users
  • Check who you’re texting
  • No lie
  • Cuddling kitten
  • And that’s how he ended up livin on the street
  1. Big Matt

    6:06 am

    :| Going to boil flies half to death and let them go, so they evolve the instinct not to come in human houses. If you kill all the flies in the house, they won’t learn on a mass scale! FLIES!

  2. andy

    7:16 am


  3. TLC

    9:15 pm

    That’s freakin nasty.

  4. various artists

    6:06 am

    Awww, so cute!!!