• Shinning Bob…
  • Wild Watermelons…
  • We need to talk…
  • Every time when I apply for a job…
  • Drinking like a sir
  • Pop’d Kerns
  • Rolling Stones or The Beatles?
  • Smoking on water…
  • If it doesn’t fits, I still sits
  • Don’t wanna get out of bed…
  • You drank all my milk…
  • Terrible Taxidermy
  1. Big Matt

    6:06 am

    :| Going to boil flies half to death and let them go, so they evolve the instinct not to come in human houses. If you kill all the flies in the house, they won’t learn on a mass scale! FLIES!

  2. andy

    7:16 am


  3. TLC

    9:15 pm

    That’s freakin nasty.

  4. various artists

    6:06 am

    Awww, so cute!!!