• Cat tail beard
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  • Multidisciplinary freak
  • These things can officially be considered black magic
  • I’m trying…
  • My life motto
  • How I feel when I see a new person dating my crazy ex
  • The hand position says it all
  • This just about sums up every candidate right now
  • Self-Portrait in a Ball Pen

12 May, 2012 in Funny, Pictures | 3 Comments


  1. RIddler

    2:35 am

    Hint: Using Excel makes it a lot easier to solve (at least for me). I color coded the facts and switched around the remaining categories until everything fit.

  2. some guy

    2:49 am

    The German has the fish.

  3. mee

    4:08 am

    Fun fact: Einstein did not write this riddle during the **early** 19th Century (meaning early 1800′s) because he was born in 1879.