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  1. Nicole

    12:33 pm

    Aww thats amazing, they’re so smart!!


    7:04 pm

    THAT IS SO COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. sherly

    9:34 am

    clever birds……. nice

  4. Just Another Somebody

    2:48 pm

    And to, “the dumbest guy in the world,” I love how you posted a comment, but didn’t allow for the “reply” option to be available… I didn’t attack anybody in my comment. I only called them out and shared my opinions. That’s all. In addition, I did not pretend to be better than anyone here… When I said that I “didn’t mean to be,” I was referring to my manner of deliverance. Which later I realized was harsh. Which I also apologized for. Not to you, but to everyone before me. Your comment was out of left field and pointless- for you had not written anything in prior to have gotten all bent out of shape by reading my long comment. So again, your comment was out of left field. Basically, you threw yourself bro. Peace.

  5. Becca

    8:52 pm

    So cute, what clever little birds! Wonderful photos, thanks for sharing!

  6. debsmith

    2:46 am

    Just wondering if you could see inside the bird house from the backside…since they built it on a window. It looked like they didn’t mud the inside where the window was, so I was wondering if you looked inside it.

  7. Eremy

    2:21 pm

    phenomenal work ethic!

  8. Bemused

    5:23 pm

    Strangest thread. Interesting to me that no one seems to know that it’s against the law to destroy a completed nest regardless of species until the young have fledged. If the nest has to be removed, it must be done before it’s completed. It seems that most posts and replies are about some moral outrage or perceived slight though, so I guess my post is irrelevant. The photos are wonderful, and I wished there were shots inside the nest taken through the window.

  9. I read most of the comments

    11:52 am

    The comments are more interesting than the pictures! :D

  10. Banana

    7:55 pm

    Why is nobody else grossed out by their wet saliva gunk!? Eww!

  11. I'm not dumb.

    1:12 pm


  12. Alexandria

    7:22 pm

    When people are killing these birds (or birds in general same as other animals) they wonder why certain animals are becoming extinct. Idiots in this world is why. Look at the world around you! Global warming is killing the artic animals, whalers are killing whales, the oil spills kill millions of animals, and why? For our pleasure. If you don’t like what I am saying (because you know I am right) then you can piss off. Because of you is why our world is s**t.

    • alexandria

      1:27 am

      If the animals don’t like it, they should just take over. They outnumber us, as far as im concerned, they’re just taking it because they don’t give a s**t! so why should we?

  13. lizg

    11:45 pm

    Wow people are stupid. There are more important things to argue about than a picture of birds nesting on the internet. This is just sad, grow up.

  14. lizg

    11:47 pm

    And if the animals are so important instead of complaining about it, go try and do something. Just talking about how bad it is doesn’t help anyone.

  15. thankgodimstill@live.com

    1:09 am

    Its now 2.08am i have just taking 8mins to read all these comments

    Not too bad though….

    God few laughs along the way as another person said…..

  16. InteriorDesigner

    1:57 pm

    Biomimicry. I feel a very good design could come from this. Whether you like birds or not.

  17. it's called common sense...

    1:59 pm

    These comments are ridiculous. Appreciate an animal hard at work and leave it at that. Of you don’t like it, don’t look at it.

    • alexandria

      1:29 am

      You are ridiculous. People are just having fun and getting a laugh out of it, nothing wrong with that. If you don’t like them, dont read them.

  18. ToAllHaters

    11:06 pm

    Truly amazing

  19. woohoo

    4:08 am


  20. cotton

    1:48 pm


  21. sloopjohnb

    10:41 pm

    it’s MY house…if i don’t want you to build YOUR mud house on the side of my wood house, i will hose you off. go build YOUR house in the forest, where you belong!

  22. viv jones

    6:42 am

    amazing thanks for sharing this

  23. birdlady

    1:47 pm


  24. kishor

    12:05 pm


  25. Erica

    11:36 pm

    Wow! God’s creations are SO amazing!!!

  26. vanna

    10:11 pm

    That was very neat, thank you so much for sharing.

  27. Stumbled...

    1:33 am

    Not sure which one was the better find via stumble upon… the pictures of the birds or this insane argument. Both were quite amusing.

    • littaballofun

      3:21 am

      I second this. My favorite is probably the people who are yelling about the other angry people.


    1:57 am

    That is cool that the bird did all that.

  29. Andrew Thureson

    3:02 am

    Now that’s how you build a house! What clever little birds!

  30. karlajo

    7:24 pm

    Wealthy birds…with a skylight to..cool..

  31. Adeel

    8:57 pm

    Very Nice!

  32. nathan amdall

    11:40 pm

    cool pictures

  33. JustClickStumble!

    5:12 pm

    It never ceases to amaze me how passionate and intense people can get about the most insignificant things, such as a few words someone says on a random website with pictures of birds. Chill the hell out. Go do a jigsaw puzzle or something. Or better yet, run for Congress so that your idiotic need to write a speech or “stand up for the right” can be fully developed. That is all.

  34. Anonymous

    8:46 am

    LOL THE ANONS xD So many trolls I love this :D All the trolls and fake accounts are amazing xD

  35. Bird Stomper

    6:33 am

    Thank god for stumble!

  36. Grill 'em

    10:17 pm

    And they taste like chicken, too!

  37. timothy

    7:27 am

    lol. its cool.

  38. rowrorome

    1:06 pm

    I wonder how long it took them to build that… coolness.

  39. jeanette

    5:52 pm

    wooowww that looks amazing! they did a good job :)

  40. ILikeTheseComments

    6:00 am

    OMG! These comments are absoultely a riot. I know the mean ones aren’t serious, and the dramatic ones are a bit overboard, but I red this entire thing and laughed like crazy! These birds are adorable! Nobody’s gonna kill them. Simple as that! I do like the pics. It’s cool to see how these birds make their homes. :)

    Let’s just leave it at this, ok?

  41. Jezika

    2:53 am

    This is so amazing, I want to explore that place… But I am too tall :3

    • alexandria

      1:31 am

      It’s a ball of mud held together with spit…

  42. Sparkling smiles

    3:58 am


  43. meeeeee!

    6:56 am

    also animal activists are gay.

  44. Anonymous

    7:23 am

    Really a cute bird and a beautiful house…

  45. Shekhar

    3:38 pm

    Simply the born architect….. :)

  46. Be nice to good animals

    11:30 am

    It’s not like they are pandas.

  47. nick

    12:38 am

    What’s the name of the bird?

  48. rinna

    10:43 am


  49. alex knizek

    12:44 am

    I’m on stumble upon, people what are you doing? People what are you saying?

  50. animal lover beak69

    12:59 am


  51. Anon

    2:02 am

    The way I see it, there are two distinctly different types of people that have posted comments here. Those that are so enamored with these nests, and those that are repulsed by these nests.
    Why can’t there be a common ground, people? Life’s not always so black and white, particularly when it comes to scenarios like this.

  52. Ciara Kordenat

    6:52 pm

    Wow this is so amazing.

  53. PearlMarie

    4:09 pm

    So beautiful life of a bird..teach us a lesson to be perseverante. Lucky Homeowner.

  54. Sally

    11:26 pm

    Whenever I saw a nest like that, I thought they were bees nests.

  55. jcaam

    10:04 pm

    Looks more like a love nest.

  56. boiz

    11:29 am


  57. Sharon

    1:07 pm

    Amazing pics, this shows the creativity of birds.

  58. looks good

    6:16 pm

    Cool, they look really happy building their nest as well :)

  59. venku

    2:42 am

    Excellent architecture, by birds.

  60. Sammy Torrez

    2:54 am

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  61. Picture

    12:41 pm

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