• What should we do?
  • Just a chair?
  • One way or another somebody’s going to die
  • Got me some wine…
  • What’s your favorite sequel?
  • Suitcase decals
  • Who is in the closet?
  • The death of one is a tragedy, one million is a statistic
  • The Magdeburg Water Bridge
  • Sir, blow into this breathalyzer for me
  • I’m getting the hell out of here
  • That’s amazing
  1. Savage

    5:04 pm

    Excellent! It pains me to see people hose down these nests. Makes me want to turn a hose into their house and see how they like it.

    • Anon

      12:00 am

      “Oh no. My house is slightly damp. The horror.”

      • Anon1

        3:38 am

        Hahahahahahaha “Oh no. They’ve removed some of the dirt.”

        • Annabelle

          4:45 am

          I’m with Savage. I seriously can’t believe you two dumbasses are so stupid. Hosing down their house DESTROYS it.

          • Anon2

            6:59 am

            Anon was just commenting on how ineffective hosing that person’s house would be in teaching them the lesson of destroying bird habitat. It was simple sarcasm.

          • Anon

            7:01 am

            Those two people are talking about what would happen to the home owner if a hose was put in their house, not the bird’s.

          • blah

            10:35 am

            They know that. it’s called a sense of humor. Get one.

          • Helen

            12:16 pm

            I think they meant that’s how a human would react if Savage turned the hose into their house, like he said he wanted to.


          • Eye-roll

            1:47 pm

            It’s also a common s**t-bird. Save your outrage for something cute and endangered.

          • Anon

            3:32 pm

            Miss Annabelle, please don’t feed the trolls.

          • Sanity.

            6:37 pm

            There aren’t any trolls, you ninnies. Everyone’s just talking at cross-purposes.

          • anon

            2:49 am

            lol you’re an idiot.

      • Anon

        4:36 pm

        Has your house ever had dry-rot? Or any kind of moisture problem really? Can pretty much destroy a house if you don’t manage it.

    • Doris

      8:10 pm

      I agree wholeheartedly.

    • waytoosensitive2011

      7:30 am

      This has to be the funniest argument.

      • Nobody Important

        3:00 am

        I’m not sure if I stumbled on the bird house or the argument.

    • Liv Liv

      7:00 pm


    • BabyBottlePop

      7:05 pm

      If the windowsill isn’t zoned for additional housing, it’s hardly our fault these lawbreakers are too lazy to seek the appropriate permits. Besides, the destruction of a home only brings a family closer.

    • Heidi

      11:35 pm

      I agree with you Savage. People do not realize how much work those little birds did. I am a bird lover and live near a bird sanctuary. They are so beautiful and intellegent.

    • nam

      9:08 am

      Agree, absolutely true.

  2. pandora_stes

    5:30 pm

    so cute!


    9:50 pm


  4. JoAnne

    11:09 pm

    Very interesting…What kind of bird? I have never seen this kind of nest.

    • Razors

      8:56 am

      It’s an “hornero” this bird is so common here in argentina, you can see a lot of nests in the electricity poles.

      • Bill Gates

        7:47 am

        Wow, you guys got a computer in Argentina? When did that happen? What do you got? Vic 20? Comodore 64? TI994a?

  5. Robin

    2:06 am

    Pretty cool I love birds.

  6. Paul

    2:06 am

    I believe it is called in Spanish Hornero (oven bird) common to the Argentine.

  7. Sudeep

    4:41 am

    great engineers !

  8. Anon

    3:10 pm

    Pretty cool. What would be even cooler is an m80 inside there.

  9. Vedette

    5:24 pm

    And people simply hose down their nests when they see one.

  10. Doris

    8:14 pm

    Anon, you are sick, sick, sick.

  11. Jo.

    9:45 pm

    C’est tout bonnement magnifique.! It has a difficult life..

  12. Nik

    4:53 am


  13. Green lights

    6:32 am

    The birds are so lovely.

  14. Rhea's Rescue

    2:16 pm

    Love the pictures! These birds are little architects! Imagine how long it took to build this home, and how long the bird has to live. A significant part of these birds lives is spent building. When you destroy their house it takes them that much time to start their family. Please be kind to all wildlife as more and more species become extinct in our World!

  15. ~Nena~

    6:26 pm

    Awwwww. Super cute!!!

  16. birdsarelame

    8:46 pm

    Birds suck, I love hosing their nests down and stepping on their eggs.

    • gmacyndi

      8:12 am

      There’s at least one in every crowd. Is that enough attention for you? If you don’t like birds why did you even take the time to look. You don’t have to answer. Thank you for making us appreciate the work these little guys do to build their houses with all different kinds of predators.

    • alex

      7:48 pm

      poor child…

    • Animal Lover

      2:08 am

      That’s horrible!

  17. Anon3?

    1:05 am

    I feel the need to be part of this conversation.

  18. Laura Moskowitz

    1:20 am

    Amazing! thanks for sending it.

  19. This Old Spouse

    2:27 am

    They’re oven birds in case anyone’s interested. We have them in Minnesota too.

    • Bill G

      7:52 am

      Wow, they got computers in Minnesota now? When did that happen?

      • Animal Lover

        2:11 am

        Probably before your state even remotely thought about getting them!

  20. Melayahm

    5:12 am

    Fascinating! And I love how they build a little partition inside the doorway, to keep the wind and rain out and stop the eggs or chicks from just rolling out, so neat!

  21. me2

    9:20 am

    What is cool is it looks like they didn’t cover the window and the people will be able to see in.

    • gail toulouse

      9:44 pm

      that’s right. how fascinating. what a nest, huh…i’m impressed.

    • brennab

      9:39 pm

      I agree with me2. The home owners are lucky to get to peek inside. I imagine that is not extremely common, even if the nests are.

  22. Birdie

    12:28 pm

    Great capture! Thanks for sharing…

  23. Woden Cafe

    1:29 pm

    Why wouldn’t you simply go inside and look through the window? You could see straight into their nest.

    • someonewithsense

      1:44 am

      and startle them?

    • Cutie13825

      8:36 pm

      That’s what I was thinking. It would be too cool to watch it through the window.

  24. Pat Haagensen

    2:28 pm

    I’ll bet they could build my house cost efficiently.

  25. JOHN

    7:28 pm

    It is so and always has been you have woken up.

  26. glyn good child

    9:11 pm

    It takes all kinds.

  27. Mr. Soto

    9:14 pm

    These hornero’s usually set up outside my 2nd story windows in the spring. Since my house is white, using a water hose jet stream gets too much mud everywhere and leaves a mess.
    That’s why I’ve opted for use of a red modified commercial 200mw laser. When beam spot focus is left in one position a hole pierces the primitive structure and incinerates debris in seconds.
    I was really disappointed when I left the beam on 2 eggs though; it took 10 seconds to expose the embryo. That’s why I’ll now be opting for use of the higher powered 500mw green laser due to arrive next week.

  28. gmacyndi

    8:21 am

    Sad world. Sad how some people seem to enjoy being mean to something whether it’s people or wildlife, also interesting and pathetic that they also seem to really get into describing their deeds. I’ve read being mean to animals and such is not a good sign, you just don’t know how far some humans will go to hurt others. Sad world.

    • killme

      7:51 am

      Shut up.

    • Animal Lover

      2:13 am

      I’ve heard that people who do horrible things to animals also do horrible things to people so if you step on eggs you’re bound to kill a person, if you stepped on the egg purposefully.

  29. skyrocket

    2:00 pm

    A person, child or adult being mean to animals, is a sure sign of something seriously wrong with their mentality.

  30. Stumbler

    8:34 pm

    Mankind is the only species to take pleasure in killing living things without the purpose or intent of using it for food or survival.

    • Truth

      6:36 am

      That is entirely false, Humans are just 1 of many animals who can take pleasure in killing. It takes all kinds, even in the animal world.

    • If it flies it dies

      4:03 am

      Polar Bears. Boom roasted.

    • anon11

      12:35 am

      Chimpanzees have been found to kill and eat othe rsmall primates entirely for pleasure! They also sometimes kill each other in horrific way for seemingly no reason at all other than pleasure. If our closest living relative does it maybe it’s in our nature

  31. bluebell

    9:06 pm

    Why can people not wait until the eggs have hatched and the birds are gone…then hose down or whatever to remove the nest. To deliberately kill or destroy anything, that is doing no real harm to anything is cruel and shows selfishness of the worst kind.

    • Tinker

      4:09 pm

      Bluebell you took the words right out of my mouth. Good job.

  32. Mainer

    11:30 pm

    So you have a cool bird’s nest on your house! Big deal. Deal with it.

  33. Natalie Manz

    11:49 pm

    This is amazing! I’ve always wondered how these types of nests are built. Thank you for these pictures. I now have a new-found respect for these lovely birds and all the hard work they do in order to keep their young ones safe and warm.

  34. Mr and Mrs Birdie

    11:52 pm

    Look at that work ethic. Humans wait around on someone to do all the work for them and a bank to evaluate if they’re good enough to have it & then they pay insane interest rates, property taxes & barely affordable monthly payments for 30 years. Then walk around feeling miserable everyday, complaining about the jobs they work in order to avoid getting thrown out of the shelter they’ve filled with a shitload of non-necessities. Not to mention they’re lost like helpless babies if the bank (the one who really owns the house the humans call home) takes back it’s property AND they’re too vain, lazy, spoiled and stupid to quickly rebuild from nature the way that we do. Yet they claim to be the most intelligent species. Hilarious!

    • G-Unit

      7:34 pm

      You go and build a house out of s**t if you’re so clever.

    • humanbeing

      3:56 am

      You’re a human too.

    • patrick

      2:38 am

      Screw ‘work ethic’! They’re birdies not Calvinists.

  35. George

    1:49 am

    Mr and Mrs get a life. You get what you give… You don’t like your job tough Sh**
    You are the reason there are so many whinners out there! Do your job, accept your lot in life or DON’T. CHANGE, You have the power to own your house… not the BANK. F***ing people you have a brain, if you try to bulid your house on someone else’s house how long would it last? Also what about termites? They’re bilud a house in your house? The answer is. Accept what you have or don’t.

  36. Just Another Somebody

    4:08 pm

    Wow, to every smug spectator, (blabbering their mouths from the peanut gallery,) I won’t even bother to take the time out to tell you what to go out and get; such as a heart, or something better to do than flap your lips with ignorant and heartless comments. Not to mention, the bulls**t “comeback” responses ya’ll have made to each individual’s intelligent and heartfelt comments, post and prior to yours! No one asked you to take a look at these magnificent pictures and no one asked you for your opinion. Furthermore, and in fact lastly, ask yourself this one question;
    “Am I channeling my thoughts and passions for the good of what I’m reacting to? Or for the pure sake of negatively rattling good people’s hearts?” Because you sure as hell ‘aint doin’ either folks! And though you may not be getting the best of us, doesn’t mean we won’t frikin mouth you off by giving’ it to you…

    My Closing Statement Part One:
    To those of you, who have so eloquently shared such sweet admiration and respect for these birds… Each of you evidently has one heck of a precious heart. To be someone who realizes a fellow living creature’s battle against nature, of building a home/nest, raising and caring for their offspring is an immeasurably precious way to be. You are the kinds of people in this world who pave the road of our future. Because just as each of you admire the actions animals take, you are doing the same in your homes and in your relationships. If these birds, or any animal could express through speech about you as you do about them, they would have exactly the same, if not better ways of putting praise into words toward the efforts you all put into your daily lives; be it raising a family, caring and nurturing relationships in your lives.

    My Closing Statement Part Two: To those of you who have shared negative thoughts… Now I know that before even reading this last sentence of mine, you have already been playing in your mind about how you’re going to “stick it to me” and “nail” me with your feedback… To which I say, “Bahahahaa.” You’re only wasting your own blood pressure and your own time…. As a good friend of mine has written,
    “Humanity regards itself as the Superior Species. But regarding animal welfare, there can be only one true name; the human ‘Disg-Race.’

    Peace, Love and Courage to all…

    • Just Another Admirer

      7:14 pm

      =] There is something so visciously feminine about this response, “I won’t even bother to take the time out to” write a seductive love letter, for fear that your love reply would be twice as long winded as your hate reply. Goodbye, my voluptuous bird brain.

      • Just Another Somebody

        11:45 pm

        Hehe, you’re right… I did sound typical with the part where I said, “I won’t even bother to take the time out to…” which I then carried on to do just that. ;) I was also snappy, didn’t really to be. Just some of the people’s posts set me off. But this is a blog. Anyone can unleash anything they want. No arguments will be settled. Only back and forth bickering will happen. I apologize for having offended anyone.

        • Just Another Somebody

          11:46 pm

          …Didn’t really *mean* to be…

          • the dumbest guy in the world

            9:41 pm

            You didn’t mean to be completely condescending and appear as closed minded as the ones you attacked? You did a terrible, terrible job. You are no better than any person on here, and thinking you are makes you twice as bad.

  37. nancy

    11:27 pm

    I’m afraid to ask. What is an “oven” bird?

    • anon

      5:59 am

      It’s what happens when mr. soto uses his laser!

      • reader of pointless but ppassionate argument

        10:05 pm

        Hahahahaha I’m sorry if this is an arguement and believe me im on the side of the bird lover, not the bird murderers, but that my frined, made me literally lol. Nothing else needs to be said.

  38. Chocolate

    7:13 am

    If I only saw the end product of the nest and didn’t know it was a nest, I would have took it down. The pictures are good stuff to know.

  39. Chocolate

    7:15 am

    My first thought: how cute they’re making a nest near a window.

  40. julia

    4:07 pm

    muito lindo!!!

  41. Izza

    4:36 pm

    I have a little house-shaped bird feeder on my back porch that hasn’t been filled since last summer. A few weeks ago i noticed that two birds were making their nest in it. it was so cute!

  42. Debbie Jones

    5:23 pm

    Aren’t animals amazing?! I love this…thanks for sharing! :-)

  43. scout

    5:49 pm

    We have the swallows here that use the same method. No one cares if they use out buildings, BUT not good for the house. Trash everything and soon get multiple nestings. MUST be removed as soon as they begin building them.

  44. Txting QUEEN!

    5:56 pm

    And I thought my house was cute as a kitten!

  45. Txting QUEEN!

    5:59 pm

    An oven bird is a bird that you cook in the oven!!!!!

  46. thisguyisbetterthanallofyou

    2:10 am

    Every person who commented about a sarcastic post or joke and took them seriously are complete and utter idiots.

  47. The person above me is not better than me

    2:05 pm

    Wow I can’t believe I just read all those comments. Few laughs along the way.

    • Just Another Somebody

      1:15 pm

      Lol!! Haha I love what you wrote! :) Especially what your posted name is,
      “The person above me is not better than me” (in response to the above person’s name being, “thisguysisbetterthanallofyou.” …Sorry, but you have me dying over here! :) So cute and creative…

  48. NOONE

    2:58 am


  49. soozeepoozee

    1:17 pm

    Well that was an entertaining read! Thanks all – and love the bird nest! Although I have to say I wouldn’t really like the location. On hot summer days you like to be able to open the windows in your own house. Who’s more important, I wonder the birds with their open air/door, or the humans sweltering inside, wishing they could open the window but can’t because they don’t want to disturb the birds….

  50. Birdlover

    10:45 pm

    I like birds

  51. shakinakin

    2:13 pm

    That is a very cool house its amazing! :)


    4:59 pm

    I love birds and wow!!!! I make houses like that sometimes :)

  53. Vivek Dar

    8:12 am

    God has amazing creatures to be loved by us. The intricacy of building a perfect home and pain and effort gone into it by such tiny creatures (birds) is phenominal. Its a great lesson to learn from these loving birds. There is nothinh as ” impossible” when God has created us and has given each living thing a spark of inteliigence to fend for themselves….Master piece of a structure built by these sweet birds.

  54. Tina

    9:51 am

    “It’s also a common s**t-bird. Save your outrage for something cute and endangered.”
    @eye-roll only a hypocrite would say that how can you only care about the endangered birds, destroying a birds nest enough times you will eventually put these birds on the endangered list… they deserve to live in peace and have there babies like any other living being.

  55. Tomek

    5:10 pm


  56. ryan

    8:04 am

    You could just kill the birds then hose down the nest. That way they won’t feel bad when you destroy it.

  57. The Awesome Owner of Awesome Chickens

    7:25 pm

    WTF? Why would you even bother putting that up? I love animals and those birds are awesome!! Another awesome animal is the honey badger (look it up on You Tube “natural habits of the honey badger”).

  58. theguythatlaughedattheovenbirdlazerjoke

    10:10 pm

    Wow ryan see you’re the peson “just another somebody” was talking about. See this people is how murders first start out, murdering animals. And just another somebody, dare I say I took a lot of interest in reading all of your comments. brava brava

    • Just Another Somebody

      2:41 pm

      Totally in agreement with what you said, “See this people is how murderers first start out…”

  59. me=)

    12:50 am

    just sayin… you guys need some lives.

  60. Anny

    12:58 am

    You are allowed to hose down the nest after they leave it after the session and that person got off lucky they have 3 nests right outside my door and its a bloody mess and I swear they aim for us when we leave there isn’t any upside to having them around really they don’t spend too much time out of the nest to see and they really don’t sing much, at lest ours don’t just one big mess the kids at the school have it worse they have 20 right outside the main door.

  61. yep

    4:18 am

    If you go in reverse he’s destroying a house..

  62. weirdo : )

    4:33 am

    So cool I can’t believe a bird can do that.

  63. UPeopleNeedALife

    4:57 am

    You people are a joke you know that? Yeah the birds are cute and how they go about building their nest is awesome but you clowns that are commenting on the comments that are made in fun and are just written to get a laugh or two you people need to get a life and get the hell over yourselves.

  64. Alex Warren

    10:16 am

    God loved the birds and invented trees. Man loved the birds and invented cages.

  65. margaret pyron

    4:50 pm

    amazing how nature works and prepares for the next generation…………

  66. thisforumjustblewmymind

    3:53 am

    This forum just blew my mind.

  67. Jennifer Mussenden

    2:43 pm

    Wow, that’s a lot of work. Amazing.

  68. nene1971

    6:25 pm

    Didn’t realize how much work it takes too build a nest like that!

  69. Cajun Beauty

    10:39 pm

    This was pretty cool. I love birds! Nothing like setting out a couple of feeders and watching them chow down! And you are helping them survive during the times when food isn’t so readily available! Great shots!!!

  70. Anon

    11:34 pm

    I would love to blow a big ripper bong hit into that nest. I bet the birds would love it too.

  71. Shashank

    8:03 am

    that was cool

  72. birder

    2:09 pm

    Those are oven birds, They are a type of warbler and they get their name because they use leaf litter, dirt etc. to build a nest that looks like an old clay oven. Just some avian facts in case you are interested.

    • Cindi Joy

      9:39 pm

      Thanks for explaining their name – oven bird – I was having some disturbing images about that myself.

  73. OwlinLove

    2:21 pm

    Fun Read!

  74. girlwithflu

    1:52 am

    I woke up, read this blog and all the comments. And went back to sleep… lol.

  75. badri

    10:30 am

    Please don’t disrupt the nature, the only happiness left.

    • Jay. B.

      7:33 pm

      We live with nature, we are a part of it, however, we do not appreciate it and the beauty it gives us. Talk the native way and be a part of nature not spend time thinking of ways to destroy it.